Centralus ICC2 - Schedule

A watering Schedule can be created to operate valves in numerical sequence one at a time. For the controller and its selected Schedule to operate automatically, three components must exist: When to water (or Program Start Times), how long to water (or Station Run Times), and the day of the week to water (or Days to Water). When using Centralus Software, you can send these commands directly to the ICC2 Controller. Follow the mobile steps below to access these features.

NOTE: When accessing through a computer (PC), you will not need to select a program before making edits.



Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. From the CONTROLLER LIST tab, select an ICC2 Controller model.


The SCHEDULE tab will be the default selection. Select a PROGRAM to begin setup. 


Select the (EDIT icon on the upper right-hand side.


Under the START TIMES option, select ENABLE. Set START TIME. Each program (Schedule) can have up to 8 start times.


Select the ARROW drop-down to choose from the following; Days of the Week, Interval Days, Even Days, or Odd Days.


Using the ARROW drop-down buttons, select the RUN TIME for each zone in the program (schedule). The run time can be set from 1 minute to 12 hours. Select SAVE.

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