Centralus - Connection Tips

Centralus offers three types of connection: WiFi, LAN (local area network), and LTE cell service. Use the three links below to navigate through each section for supporting connection tips.

Communication Specifications

Controller CommunicationWebsite Communication
  • Communication Port: TCP- 8883/8443/443
  • IoT Endpoint Name: a3ctijj2jmv8d5-ats.iot.us-east-1.amazonaws.com
  • Current IP's resolving from endpoint name
WiFi Connection

Controller AC power is interrupted: If the controller has no display, the AC power is probably off. Since the controller also supplies power to the Wi-Fi and Ethernet modules, they cannot function until power is restored. 

Customer router is offline: It is possible for any network or router to lose its internet connection for a variety of reasons, and this makes communications with the controller impossible.

Wi-Fi signal has dropped: If the controller had a weak signal to begin with, it’s possible that small changes (e.g., vegetation growth, router antenna orientation, truck parked in front of antenna) have caused the signal to drop below useful levels. It is best to check the signal level with a smartphone from the controller location to see if the host connection has a useful signal. Heavy vegetation or leaves directly in front of the controller can block Wi-Fi signals.

Wi-Fi module stuck in connection mode (I2C Only): If the red light on the left of the module is blinking continuously, the module has lost its connection and is waiting for new instructions. This is very rare, but it requires a smartphone to access the communication module and re-establish the connection to the router. 

Static IP Checked (A2C Models Only): The Static IP might be checked, preventing the AWS from passing. Using the scroll wheel, select Main Menu > Settings > Networking > Soft key Static IP Setup > Uncheck.

Boost Signal: To improve Wi-Fi visibility to the router, we recommend using the Wi-Fi extension kit (model: WIFI-EXT-KIT). Learn More

LAN Connection

The LAN Modules can use Connection Cat5/6 as they use the same RJ-45 jack.

One thing that tends to cause issues with LAN modules is the 10 Mbps bandwidth limitation. If you are using speeds above 10 Mbps, you will need to reconfigure the network to work with our lower speed. The Cat6 cables use the same RJ-45 jack as Cat5 cables

I2C - If the first two LEDs are solid green, the attempt was successful. The LANKIT is now connected to both the router and the Centralus server. Proceed to Software Setup

Solid Red - If the first light remains solid red after an extended period (up to two minutes), the connection attempt was unsuccessful.

  • Cycle power to the LANKIT and retry the connection.
  • Double-check that the router is operating correctly. Reset the router if necessary.
  • If the first light turns green, but the second light is red, the LANKIT could connect to the router but not to the Centralus server.
  • Check the internet connection from the router and retry.

Flash Red - This is in direct connect mode and searching for networks.

Flash Green - Trying to connect to the Wi-Fi Access point.

Solid Green - Connected to Wi-Fi Access Point.

Flash Amber - Receiving a message from central.

A2C - The Network Test function will check all connections from the controller, through the router, to the server. If the controller is not communicating, this will indicate which functions are not performing. Sometimes, turning the controller power off and back on can restore or fix network connections.

We don’t recommend assigning a Static IP address to a LAN module, but some networks may require this. Consult with the host network information service administrator for the exact settings to enter if required.

LTE Connection



Controller Model Problem Cause Solution




"Error in Communication"



The controller might be offline.

Verify controller communication at the site.

There is no power at the controller.

Check controller power at site.

The antenna is not mounted properly. Make sure the antenna is not sideways and mounted as high as possible. Learn more
The signal is weak. Make sure the antenna is not sideways and mounted as high as possible. Learn more

The networking screen shows "Registering"

The LTE Module might not be claimed, so the setup is incomplete.

Log in to your Centralus account and finish the setup. Learn more

The networking screen shows "Initializing" The signal strength is poor even though I have cell service.  Please verify the antenna is positioned properly to receive the best signal possible. Learn more
The plan might not be active. Log into Manage Subscriptions to check the plan.

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