Centralus - Transferring LTE/LTEM Controller & Service

The Controller and Service ownership belongs to the customer who claims the device. Claiming begins as soon as the controller and Zipit account is set up in the Centralus Software. This is a one-to-one relationship with one customer per device only. Once a device is claimed by a customer, no other customer can access it. Purchasing additional data and/or taking any other actions can only be done by the customer. In some cases, the ownership will need to be transferred to a new customer. To do this, the original owner must transfer the controller and terminate the current service using the following steps.

Unclaim DeviceDelete Controller

IMPORTANT: When the new user adds the controller to the Centralus Software, he/she will immediately have the option to choose the desired programming from the software or the controller. Learn more

Unclaim Device in Zipit Portal


  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. Select the MENU icon ().
  3. Under DEVICES, select the DEVICE that will be UNCLAIMED.
  4. Under OPTIONS, select UNCLAIM DEVICE.
  5. Click on UNCLAIM DEVICE to confirm.

The device will no longer have a data plan assigned to your account.

Delete Controller


  1. Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. Select the MENU icon ().
  2. Click on the CONTROLLER LIST tab.
  3. Select a CONTROLLER NAME.
  4. Click on the PERMISSIONS tab.
  6. Confirm the deletion by clicking DELETE DEVICE.

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