ACC2 - Flow Sensors

After connecting one or more flow sensors to the controller, the next step is to configure the sensor in the FLOW SENSORS menu. The controller has three Flow Sensor inputs built-in, but three more can be added with the A2C-F3 Flow Expansion Module. ACC2 Decoder versions may also read flow via the two-wire path when flow sensors are connected to ICD-SEN sensor decoders.

IMPORTANT: Use the Location window to select Controller (corresponding to one of the Flow terminals on the Power Supply Board or A2C-F3 Flow Expansion Modules), or to select the decoder output module to which the flow sensor will be connected (A2C-075 Decoder models only).


From the HOME menu, select the lower right soft key to view the MAIN MENU.


Turn the scroll wheel to the right to view the DEVICES menu. Press wheel once and scroll to select the FLOW SENSOR option.


Using the scroll wheel, select the SENSOR input number (1-6).


Using the scroll wheel, select the SENSOR TYPE. Check the box for either HUNTER or OTHER flow meters. If OTHER is checked, you must select the Flow Sensor Style and enter the calibration information. Some use K-factor and Offset, and others are Pulse-type. Consult the flow meter supplier’s documentation for the correct settings.


Using the scroll wheel, select the SENSOR LOCATION. If the flow sensor is hardwired, select CONTROLLER.  If connecting to a ICD-SEN on a two-wire path, select DECODER. Specify the address of the sensor decoder for the flow sensor. Flow sensors may only be connected to Port "A" of a sensor decoder.


Using the scroll wheel, select the FLOW SENSOR MODEL. WIRELESS is only checked for use with the Hunter WFS (wireless flow sensor), which requires a receiver installed at the controller.

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