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ACC2 - Setting Program Start Times

From Main Menu, dial to the Programs menu and select. This is where basic automatic irrigation is set up.

A basic program requires Start Times, Run Times, and Water Days to operate automatically. There are 32 possible automatic irrigation programs, each with up to 10 Start Times.

Überprüfen Sie die Programmnummer oder wählen Sie das gewünschte Programm aus.

  • Name (optional): You may enter a name for the program if you wish.
  • Run Mode: Must be set to Auto to run automatically.
    • Manual Only: does not water automatically, but stores station run times for manual irrigation only. These programs do not have day schedules or start times. They may be changed to Auto mode at any time, if automatic operation is desired.
  • Stack or Overlap: Stack means the program must run by itself. Overlap means it is allowed to run at the same time as other programs. If a program is stacked, its actual start time may change, if other programs overlap it in time.
  • Auto Start Times: Enter the time for the program to start. The faster you rotate the dial, the faster the times will change. Each program may have up to 10 start times.


Program Intelligent Current Sensing

ACC2 has no artificial programming limits preventing overlapping programs and stations. The controller senses how much electrical current is being drawn, and will suspend stations automatically if the combined current threatens the transformer.

Sie können auch Steuergerät- und Stationsgrenzen („Stationen“, „Stationsgrenzen“) bestimmen, um zu steuern, wie viele Ausgänge gleichzeitig in Betrieb sein dürfen.

A conventionally wired ACC2 may run as many as 14 Hunter solenoids (including any P/MV outputs) simultaneously before suspending additional stations. Environmental factors or higher-draw solenoids may cause the overcurrent protection to activate at lower station counts.

Im Menü „Diagnose“ können Sie den aktuellen Stromverbrauch ablesen.

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