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Warnhinweise haben keinen Einfluss auf die normale automatische Beregnung.

All attention messages on the Home screen create logs. The first step to understanding any problem or message is to click the soft key for View Logs, or access the logs from the Diagnostics menu.

Other helpful tools are also located at Diagnostics. Decoder controllers include separate diagnostics for decoder conditions in the Decoder menu.


Protokolle anzeigen

Es gibt 3 Arten von Protokollen und mit Hilfe einer Filterfunktion kann die Anzahl angezeigter Protokolle reduziert werden.



The controller will store up to 250 alarm logs, with date and time, beginning with the most recent alarm. Use the dial to advance forward and backward through the alarm list.


Protokolle der Steuergeräte

Other significant messages that are not technically alarms are stored in the controller logs (up to 250 events). They are also arranged by date and time, with the most recent log first.



Station logs record every single event that occurs in the controller (up to 1500 events), beginning with the most recent. This can be useful for advanced troubleshooting, or to verify that a station actually watered.

Protokolle filtern

Diese Funktion ermöglicht eine Filterung der drei Protokollarten nach Datum oder Satznummer.

Protokolle exportieren

All logs can be written to the SD card, described in the Advanced Features section.



Select Module Info to see the current version of all firmware in all modules and components. Module slots or components that are empty or not reporting are shown as Not Present.

Ihnen stehen Soft-Keys mit Kurzbefehlen oder weiteren Diagnoseprüfungen zur Verfügung, auf die Sie auch direkt über das Menü „Diagnose“ zugreifen können.

When the facepack is reversed in the frame, it will automatically go to the Module Info screen. The facepack is still fully operational, and pressing the Home button can access all programming functions when the facepack is reversed. The controller will still run automatically if the facepack is left reversed.


Clik-Sensor Diagnosen

  • Sensor: Shows each sensor and name.
  • State: Shows the current status of the sensor.
    • "Inactive" means the sensor is normal.
    • "Active" means the sensor is currently alarmed.
    • "Delayed" means the sensor was recently alarmed, and is now inactive, but a Rain Delay is in effect for the sensor.
    • "Disabled" means the check box for the sensor (Devices menu) is unchecked, and no responses will be caused by the sensor.
  • In Use?: Shows whether the sensor is currently set to shut down any programs in the Sensor Response menu.



Station-P/MV Diagnose

Zeigt den Stromverbrauch in Milliampere für alle aktiven Stationen und P/MV-Ausgänge an.


Flowsensor Diagnosen

Shows the configuration of each flow sensor and current flow. Frequency shows the click or pulse rate from the sensor, for diagnostic purposes.


Solar Sync Diagnosen

This shows the last time the Solar Sync sensor communicated, and the current state of its alarm sensors (Rain and Freeze).

The Test Connection soft key checks for the presence of a wired sensor, or for the presence of the receiver for a wireless sensor. Test does not initiate communications to the wireless sensor itself, because it is a one-way connection.

Decoder Diagnostics

A shortcut now appears in this menu to the Decoder Diagnostics screen.

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