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ACC2 - Flow Operations

The two major parts of Flow Operations are the Flow Manager, and the Flow Monitor. Checking either will display a reminder of the steps for setting these features up. Press the soft key for Continue to setup the selected function.

MainSafe is a separate level of flow management and monitoring for higher level flow in complex systems. Do not enable MainSafe until you are fully informed about this feature.



Flow Manager uses station flow information to run simultaneous stations to reach a flow rate target that is specified by the user. It will turn on as many stations as it can to stay at or near the flow target until there are no more stations to run. This does not require a flow sensor input.



Flow Monitor verifies that actual flow matches the learned flow for all running stations, and performs diagnostics or shutdowns when alarms occur. Flow Monitor requires one or more flow sensor inputs in order to operate, and at least one Master Valve (P/MV) per flow sensor to be effective.

At the Flow menu, check the boxes to Enable Flow Manager and/or Enable Flow Monitor if desired. Verify that all set up information is exactly correct according to the following steps.



Enable MainSafe has its own check box. MainSafe is a special function for higher level flow monitoring and mainline protection.

Markieren Sie nicht das MainSafe Kontrollkästchen, bis Sie mit dieser Sonderfunktion ausreichend vertraut sind.

MainSafe requires a separate flow meter and master valve. It is designed to protect longer runs of large diameter mainline pipe that are upstream from the Flow Zones themselves. If a mainline pipe experiences a high flow, or continues to flow when all irrigation is suspended, MainSafe provides a rapid shutdown response to prevent a prolonged serious leak.

MainSafe kann auch so konfiguriert werden, dass es separate, immer aktivierte manuelle Beregnungsrohre überwacht und im Falle eines Ausfalls eine Notfallmeldung sendet.

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