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ACC2 - Program Rules

Über die Programmregeln kann jedes Programm für spezielle Zwecke eingerichtet werden.


Passive Tage ignorieren

Markieren Sie dieses Kästchen, wenn das Programm an passiven Tagen ausgeführt werden soll, die für andere Programme gelten.


Keine Bewässerung (Start und Stopp)

Enter start and end times for the portion of the day during which automatic irrigation is never allowed. Automatic programs will never be allowed to run during this period, although Manual operations will be allowed. If a program is suspended by a No Water Window, it will be logged as an alarm, for corrective action.


Station Pause (Verzögerung zwischen Stationen)

Sets an interval between each station in a program. This can be used for slow-closing valves, recharging pressure tanks, etc. During the delay, the P/MV output will continue running for 15 seconds, unless this is adjusted in the Devices, P/MV Operation screen.

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