ACC2 Support

ACC2 - Troubleshooting

Symptom Lösung


Press View Messages, and/or View Logs

Continue troubleshooting based on log reports


Receiver is receiving flow data (green LED every 5 seconds).

Programme/Stationen werden nicht ausgeführt

Programm- oder Stationszusammenfassung prüfen

Keine Anzeige

Make sure facepack cable is connected

Make sure both slide locks are closed

Make sure power is on to controller

Check Power Supply Board status light

Überflow Meldungen

Verify flow limits and delays allow for some variation

Check system for leaks and malfunctions

Flow wird nicht gelesen

Check flow sensor wiring

Check flow sensor setup

Fehlfunktion von Elektrik oder Moduls

Check Diagnostics menu, Module Info for details

Communications failure (decoder) Decoder not responding; check wire path connection, wire path resistance, and decoder


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