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Sets time and date, see Basic Programming, and Time/Date section.


Ustawienia lokalne

Sets Regional preferences, see Basic Programming, and Time/Date section.


Zarządzanie użytkownikami

This allows a password to be created for the controller. Users will be required to enter the correct PIN (personal identification number) before operating the controller. If a single PIN is entered at the top, it is required for all users, and provides the same level of access to all.


If passwords are enabled, and the password is lost or forgotten, you will be locked out of the controller.

Check the box for Enable User Management to create one or more PINs. Once it is checked, only an Admin level user who is successfully logged in may uncheck this box.

It is also possible to define different users, and individual PINs.

There are two levels of authorization, Admin and Crew.

Crew level access allows manual operations and the ability to view programming.

Only Admins may modify programming and other settings.

User log-ins are tracked in the Controller Log.

To add a user, press the soft key for Add User. You may then enter the user’s name with the keyboard that appears. For each user, select the Type (Admin or Crew), and create a unique PIN for that person.

It is also possible for an Admin to delete users with the Delete User soft key.

Users will be automatically logged off after 30 minutes of inactivity.


Lista urządzeń do połączenia

If the internal Wi-Fi or LAN modules are installed, Networking will display the network settings of these devices.

Wi-Fi Setup: This soft key lets you specify either direct or central communications. Direct connections from a smart mobile device will allow remote control, text entry, and flow reporting within the range of the mobile device.

Network: This option is not currently enabled.

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