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ACC2 - Start Stations, Programs, and Blocks

Ao utilizar uma Resposta Condicional para iniciar um setor, grupo ou programa, outras opções aparecem abaixo da seleção.



If the Mode is set to Manual, the station, Block, or program will run alone, and all other automatic irrigation is stopped until the response is finished.

If the Mode is set to Auto, the response will occur without halting other scheduled irrigation. If the system is using Flow Manager, the response may not begin immediately. The responding stations will be factored into the Flow Target, as available, by the Flow Manager.

If Stop if Condition Clears is checked, the station, Block, or program will only run while the trigger condition is present. If the condition continues, a station or Block will run for the specified run time, and a program will run once for the duration of the program.

Se a opção não for marcada, a resposta continuará pelo tempo total da irrigação ou pela duração do programa.

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